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    Crusher or Crushing Equipment basically belongs to the mining equipment, use for compaction of objects into small pieces and sometimes into powder form. The external force implemented by crusher also compacts the mass or volume of object.

    Crusher is used in many industries of life for the size, mass and volume compaction. It is mostly seen at construction sites for reducing the size of rocks and stones into small pieces and even in dust. You may see the crusher at packaging sites for reducing the size and volume of package. On the other hand, it is mostly used to crush the waste material that made it easy to recycle.

    There are five types of crushers available in the market for crushing and compaction according to your needs. Some main types are divided into subtypes due to work differentiation.

    Jaw crusher is a common type crusher that is normally used for mining, quarried materials and recycling. Jaw Crusher mainly consists of two vertical jaws and one connecting rod. One jaw is fixed and the other can move for crushing the rocks. When the object passes through the jaw crusher it becomes smaller and smaller and pass out from the gap. It happens because vertical jaws are farther from top and nearer from bottom. 

    Gyratory crusher is slightly different from the jaw crusher concept. The crusher consists of three main parts a conical head, concave surface and slightly rotatable cone. When the object inserted into the crusher it becomes smaller due to the interaction between surface and head. It is mostly used in primary mining and processing plants.

    Cone Crusher is primarily used for ore and mineral crushing. It works with one main spindle fixed with the surface under vertical position. Spindle slightly moves from left to right, a set of jaws fixed on the top of spindle open close one by one and make gaps through which the ore passes and get crushed before the gaps. 

    Impact Crusher consists of plating hammer and impact liner plate that crushes the object by impaction rather than pressure. It usually crushes the soft objects, seeds and some minerals like coals. When the object passes through the crusher cone it pressurized by the hammer connected to the rotor which hits it to liner plate and process continues to the next hammer on rotor before escaping point.

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