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    Crusher because often in the course of motor failure affecting production , the main fault phenomenon :1 stator and rotor core TroubleshootingStator and rotor are insulated from each other by a silicon folded in , the magnetic circuit is part of the motor . Stator and rotor core damage and deformation of the main reasons is caused by the following aspects

    excessive bearing wear or defective assembly , causing the stator and rotor rubs , the core surface damage , and cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheet , iron loss of the motor increases , the motor temperature is too high . Then the application filing and other fine deburring tools , eliminating short silicon steel , coated with insulating paint to clean up after , and heating and drying .

    Remove the old winding when the force is too large, so the Pirates slot skew and flared . At this point the application needle nose pliers , wooden hammer and other tools to be trimmed so bad tooth reset and reset there is a gap between the poor to join the Green Paper shell of silicon steel , rubber wood and other rigid insulation materials.

    due to other causes of damp core surface rust . At this point required sanding clean, clean up after applying varnish .

    around the core group of bad ground or burned to generate heat the teeth . Chisel or scraper and other tools available to remove sediment melt clean, coated insulating paint drying.

    between the core and base combination loose screw can be tightened original . If the screws fail , the base unit can be re- drilled and tapped holes positioned , tighten the screws.

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